Laparoscopy is the most commonly performed endoscopic treatment today. RZ offers a complete range of instruments for standard procedures as well as for advanced surgical techniques.

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Made in Germany – with more than 15 years of design and production experience in arthroscopic hand held instruments RZ guarantees unsurpassed strength and sharpness retention.

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Our new Hysteroscopy catalogue contains only state of the art products for office as well as operative hysteroscopy. All products are exclusively manufactured in our German production facilities to ensure the highest quality standards.

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RZ offers a complete instrumentation for Monopolar, Bipolar as well as Laser surgery.

Endoscopic Bulldog Clamps for Robot-assisted surgical procedures are specialities in the portfolio of RZ Medizintechnik.

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General Surgery

The surgical sector covers the prevention, detection, the conservative and operative treatment, aftercare and rehabilitation of surgical conditions, injuries and complications arising from injuries, as well as innate and acquired changes in shape and malformations of vessels, internal organs incl

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Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

Thoracic surgery treats diseases of the lung and the chest cavity. Vascular surgery treats the entire range of medical conditions affecting arteries and veins. The treatment of vascular conditions calls for the specialist expertise of various medical disciplines.

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